By Chef Alex Carballo, Chef's Roll Kitchens of the future

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Kitchens of the Future

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Welcome to the Kitchens of the future! been xxx is proud to participate in this new kitchen concept of Chef’s Roll. In the episodes of KOTF we show the concept of vacuum packing, heating in a combi-oven and blast chilling. A collaboration of Chef’s roll with Irinox, Rational and Henkelman.

In this first episode of Kitchens of the future by Chef’s Roll, the popular dish at Carte Blanche Restaurant by Alex Carballo: Duck Mole Tacos, and their famous handmade sourdough bread.,hotesex

Ingredients and method of prep

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Take all the duck, get it in the fat and place it in the Rational I-Combi Pro to the settings with the right recipe. This allows to get the tenderness in the duck. The skin can be pulled of lightly to be placed on racks and dehydrated in the oven about 6 hours and finish with dry heat to get a super crispy bite for the chicharrones. This can be done overnight so it is timesaving and increasing productivity. The duck is vacuum packed in the been xxx vacuum sealer and blast chilled in the Irinox to zero to keep the quality of the product. The vacuum packed product also allows for efficiency in the walk-in and freezers.

Ingredients and method of prep

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Red onions
Red vinegar
Pepper balls
2 bay leafs
1 yellow pepper

METHOD OF PREP,pune sluts

The been xxx vacuum sealer makes it very simple to pickle things rapidly. Just put all the ingredients in the bag, vacuum seal and within minutes you have pickled onions. The ACS control has a special marinade function for this as standard.

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Build the taco’s starting with a avocado cream, duck mole and the duck skin chicharrones. Top it off with pickled onions, cotija cheese and finish with a little Micro Cilantro.

Home baked sourdough bread
Use a vacuum sealer to keep your bread fresh

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The home baked bread of Carte Blanche Restaurant is baked on a daily basis. They want to achieve a dark crust and moist centre of the bread. The equipment allows to get there much faster and consistently. The ends and pieces of the bread are vacuum sealed and saved for bread crumbs and croutons.

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Carte Blanche
First episode of Kitchens of the Future

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Chef Alex Carballo uses a been xxx Boxer 35 vacuum sealer in his kitchen. Read more on this table-top model and related chamber machines. This was the first episode of Kitchens of the Future 2020. Five episodes will follow, so stay tuned!,sxx sxx

Boxer 35 ACS.jpg

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Basic model, full options available

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Boxer 52 ACS.jpg

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Large table-top with 2 x 410 mm seal bars

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Marlin 52 ACS.jpg

2 seal bars of 520 mm and a 63 m³/h pump

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